Free Online ANM GNM Nursing Mock Test Series Practice Set Solved Papers 1

Check your preparation with free online ANM GNM Nursing mock test series, latest quiz’s, practice sets, last 5 years solved papers, model sample exam set part 1. These free online nursing exam are for all nursing students like which are mentioned below.

  1. ANM Nurse
  2. GNM Nurse
  3. BSc Nurse
  4. MSc Nursing
  5. Staff Nurse
  6. MPHW
  7. Midwife
  8. CRNA
  9. MSN
  10. CNMs
  11. FNP
  12. CNS
  13. NNPs
  14. CCRN
  15. AMSN
  16. RN students.

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Free Online ANM GNM Nursing Mock Test Series 2018 / staff nurse exam questions and answers Test Series / निशुल्क नर्स परीक्षा

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1. One of the following drug causes reddish discoloration of urine ?


2. The muscle relaxant of choice in patients with liver disease is ?


3. Antiseptic solution containing bleaching powder is ?


4. Bile is secreted by ?


5. The mode of human to human transmission of Ebola Virus Disease ?


6. Which of the following post-operative diets is most appropriate for the client who has had a hemorroidectomy?


7. Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh is a voluntary agency related to the disease ?


8. The control of ………….. has led to the eradication of guinea worm disease ?


9. All are suitable for disinfection of faces and urine except


10. Zero dose of polio vaccine means ?


11. All are components of under five clinic except ?


12. The danger zone for bacterial growth in food is ?


13. One teaspoon contains …………. ml ?


14. Mode of transmission of Pertussis ?


15. ……… is the permanent method of sterilization ?


16. Total weight gain during pregnancy is ?


17. Discolouration of teeth is caused by a kind of antibiotics called ?


18. A trial septal defect occurs due to the persistence of ?


19. Natural aging of a lake by nutrient enrichment of its water is called ?


20. Birth weight of a child triples by ?


21. Which of the following neurotransmitter is known to be associated with sleep, mood and appetite ?


22. MAO inhibitors produce mood elevation because they ?


23. A semiconductor diode is used to ?


24. Which of the following reaction will not result in the formation of C-C bond ?


25. Which of the following vaccination is recently recommended for adolescent girls ?


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Free Online ANM GNM Nursing Mock Test Series Practice Set Solved Papers 1

Free Online ANM GNM Nursing Mock Test Series / Staff Nurse Mock Quiz / Nursing Compitition Sample Modal Papers / Last 5 Years Exams PDF Download