Free Online MPHW Staff Nurse Questions And Answers Practice Set Test Series 2

Get free online MPHW staff nurse questions and answers practice set test series part 2 for latest competitive government and private exams. Check also related ANM GNM staff nurse test series and mock up solved papers. Find latest free online MPHW staff nurse questions and answers mentioned below.

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Free Online MPHW Staff Nurse Questions And Answers /

Staff Nurse Test Series And Mock Up Papers

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Take This Free Online MPHW Staff Nurse Questions And answers Test

1. Best time to check IOP ?


2. World Cancer day is …?


3. A client says to the nurse “I know that I’m going to die.” Which of the following responses by the nurse would be best ?


4. A nurse is assessing a group of clients. The nurse knows that which of the following clients is at risk for fluid volume deficit ?


5. The client is brought to the emergency department due to drug poisoning. Which of the following nursing interventions is most effective in the management of the client’s condition ?


6. When caring for a patient who has intermittent claudication, a cardiac/vascular nurse advises the patient to:


7. A dull percussion is noted over the symphysis pubis , it may indicate


8. The nurse is preparing to administer an I.M. injection in a client with a spinal cord injury that has resulted in paraplegia. Which of the following muscles is best site for the injection in this case ?


9. The nurse is caring for a client with pneumonia. The physician orders 600 mg of ceftriaxone (Rocephin) oral suspension to be given once per day. The medication label indicates that the strength is 150 mg/5ml. How many milliliters of medication should the nurse pour to administer the correct dose ?


10. Which type of nursing intervention does the nurse perform when she administers oral care to a client?


11. An obese client has returned to the unit after receiving sedation and electroconvulsive therapy. The nurse requests assistance moving the client from the stretcher to the bed. There are 2 people available to assist. Which of the following is the best method of transfer for this patient?


12. The nurse is to collect a sputum specimen from a client. The best time to collect this specimen is:


13. The nurse is assessing the reflexes of a newborn. The nurse assesses which of the following reflexes by placing a finger in the newborn’s mouth?


14. In adults, Normal endotracheal suction pressure?


15. The primary goal of therapy for a client with pulmonary edema and heart failure?


16. SABLA Scheme focuses on


17. The vaccine which is given as intramuscular injection


18. The green stick type of fracture is common in which of the following group


19. Venom of cobra attacks on


20. Puerperium is the period in a woman’s life which is


21. Following is not a staff under primary health center


22. Following is a disease spread through the urine of rats


23. At how many weeks of gestation, uterus reaches the level of umbilicus


24. MDT is a treatment approach for which disease


25. Mission Indradhanush is a programme related to


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Free Online MPHW Staff Nurse Questions And Answers Practice Set Test Series