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Free Online REET 2011 Math Paper

1. Write the following four numbers in descending order :
I. 4203567
II. 4203657
III. 4203756
IV. 4203675


2. One crore is equal to


3. The number 5 crores 9 lacs 4 thousands 9 hundred eighty-eight in numerals can be written as


4. The population of a village is 78692. Out of which 29642 are men and 28167 are women and the remaining are children. Then the number of children is


5. If we divide zero by 60, then the dividend, divisor, quotient and remainder are respectively


6. The value of 15 coins of 25 paise each is equal to
1. 3 coins of one rupee + 1 coin of 50 paise + 1 coin of 25 paise
11. 2 coins of one rupee + 3 coins of 50 paise + 1 coin of 25 paise
111. 3 coins of one rupee + 3 coins of 25 paise
IV. 3 coins of one rupee + 2 coins of 25 paise.


7. The arrangement of the fractions 2/9 , 5/8 , 1/3 , 3/4 in ascending order is


8. If the cost of 5 pencils is 3(3/4) rupees then the cost of 2 pencils is


9. Which of the following statements is true ?


10. The prime factors of the number 720 are


11. What is the highest common factor ( HCF ) of the numbers 425 and 476 ?


12. What is the least common multiple ( LCM ) of the numbers 90, 60, 75 and 35 ?


13. Five persons paint a house in 3 days when they work 8 hours everyday. Then if one person works 4 hours everyday, how much time ( day ) will he take to complete the same work ?


14. The marks obtained in 4 subjects in an examination are 200. If the average of marks obtained in 3 subjects is 48, then how many marks are obtained in fourth subject ?


15. A person sold a cycle at Rs. 935 with a gain of 10% then at how much amount did he purchase the cycle ?


16. A person took some loan from a bank at the rate of 15% annual interest. If he pays back Rs. 7,250 after 3 years then what is the amount of loan ?


17. What is the interest on Rs. 500 for six months with a rate of interest 8% calculated six monthly ?


18. A person X sells an article of Rs. 100 with a loss of 10% to the person Y. Y sells it at a gain of 10% to another person 2. What is the price at which Y sold the article to Z?


19. Which is a plane in the following ?


20. Which of the following statements is not true ?


21. Which of the following is true for a triangle ?


22. How many triangles are there in the following figure ?

reet 2011 Math Question 22 Triangle


23. The sum of all interior angles of a square is


24. Which of the following statements is correct ?


25. One has to run 250 metres to take one round of a ground. A girl has run 75000 centimetres. Then how many rounds has she taken and how many rounds more will she have to take in order to complete a run of 3 kilometres ?


26. On subtracting 8 metric tonne ( mt ) 50 kilogram from 12 metric tonne 8 quintals we get


27. A tank has 400 lltre water. If 12 litre 500 ml water is used from it and the remaining water is filled in 25 cans of same capacity, then what is the capacity of each can ?


28. Which of the following statements is incorrect for the time taken by big hand of a clock to reach from one digit to exactly next digit ?


29. The length and breadth of a rectangular field is 60 m and 40 m respectively. If on the outer of its four sides the grass of 5 metre width is planted, then the area of grass planted field is


30. A rectangular photo frame Xis of 90 cm length and 70 cm width and a square frame Y is of side 80 cm. Then which of the following is correct ?


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Free Online REET 2011 Math Paper